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Australia day

Green and gold

"Shrimp" on barbie

Beer that's cold

Backyard cricket

Can't go wrong?

Davo blows out

Plugger thong!!


Laughs out loud

Revving up

The noisy crowd

Here comes red dog

Holden ute

Johnno's driving

Cuts a hoop

Esky filled up

To the brim

XXXX gold

For after swim

Blow up pool toy

Push Shaz in

Eat a pie

Or lamington

Fair dinkum mate

Weathers hot!

Flys are gonna

Cop a swat!

Night descends

Singin' starts

'True Blue' bellowed

From the heart

Davo, Johnno

Old man Ned

Grab a swag

Head to bed

Quiet now

Cicadas chirp

Old man Ned

Has final slurp

Lookin' up

Into the night

Southern cross

Is shining bright

In the stillness

Strength as one

Greatest country

Next to none

#author #debpak #AustraliaDay #creativity

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