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Finding Your Creative Genius

We are all creative geniuses. Sometimes you just need to know how to find yours! For me, it all boils down to four major factors. Time, energy, space and inspiration. We are all busy with 'life' whether we are working or not. Whether we are mums, dads or anything in between. The older we get, the faster and busier life seems to move. So when it comes to finding your creative genius you need time to think. And believe it or not this can be achieved quite easily. Look at your day and how you're spending your time. I actually have a confession to make. Before I started publishing my latest book 'There's Bug Guts on My Shoe' I used to lie on the couch every night after the kids went to bed, watch reality TV and scroll through Facebook. Now I can proudly say that I haven't watched TV for five whole months! So next time you're thinking about your time, and how you can get more of it, just consider using it more wisely.

Which brings me to my next point. Energy. I really believe that 'energy promotes energy'. Every morning when my alarm goes off I head straight into the gym and train. My mind feels fresh, clear and focused and this is usually where I come up with my best ideas! When combined with good quality sleep (which is hard to get sometimes being a working mum with two young kids), endorphins fuelled by exercise are a sure fire way to find your creative genius.

Finding Your Creative Genius
Finding Your Creative Genius

The third factor is space! And no I'm not referring to that galaxy far, far away. I'm talking about your own physical space. Albert Einstein once said "if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign"? Well I hate to disagree with you Albert, but if you're anything like me, a clean desk is a clear mind. And if you're trying to find your creative genius, working in a clean workspace is vitally important. This also relates to your computer. If it's anything like mine there are probably at least 10 tabs open at this very point in time. If you want to focus you need to make space in your physical environment so that you have creative space in your mind.

Finding Your Creative Genius
Albert Einstein

Finally, finding your creative genius requires inspiration!! I get my inspiration from two main sources. Firstly, I ask my young daughter Grace. There's nothing quite like getting ideas from a young mind that has no preconceived ideas of the world. Her ideas are brilliant!! Young kids are an untapped resource so I suggest you start panning for gold and asking those questions! Secondly, I like to closely observe my environment. See those ants walking in a line? That's a potential story. Your dog lying on the kitchen floor? Another story. In fact, my newest book 'There's Bug Guts on My Shoe' was developed after Grace stood on a bug one day and exclaimed "There's Bug Guts on My Shoe!". Good stories don't have to have a complex story line. You can take a simple idea and turn it into something fun!

So that's how I find my creative genius with my books. And if you want to read more of my writing, check out my newest book There's Bug Guts on my Shoe!

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