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Up at 5. Into the gym. Pump some iron. Music in.

Shower, breakfast, Brush kids' hair. Farewell husband. Down the stair.

Feed the dog. Shut the gate. Kids to daycare. Can't be late!.

Into work. Coffee time!! Open emails. Look at crime.

Stolen cars, Drugs and guns. Find out who, Is on the run!

Help find bad guys. Click and clack. Stolen car, In cul-de-sac.

A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life

4 o'clock. Back out the door. Get to day-care. Just past four.

Drive back home. Open gate. Pat the dog. Mail can wait.

Chop up veges. Kids in shower. Dinner ready. Cauliflower!

Books on couch. Kids clean and full. One more please? The usual drill...

Kids to bed. They muck around. Songs, more stories. No more sound.

Just past seven. Put on jug. Think of story. Dream up bug.

Bug gets squashed. Is that too gross? Spill some coffee. That was close!

Think of ending. With the bug. Finish coffee. Feeling smug.

Time for shower. Into bed. Time to rest. My weary head!

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