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Where's that sneaky bug now? 

After finding bug guts on his shoe a boys obsession with insects sees his imagination run wild...


- Craig Smith -

Award Winning Author of the Wonky Donkey

I love it when people take their creative writing a little "out of the box" or a little "left field". When something makes you smile, laugh or go "eeeewwww".

It seems Deb Pak likes that idea too and I know

there will be plenty of kids doing just that with

"There's Bug Guts on My Shoe".


Maggie Dent - one of Australia's leading parenting experts, author, educator and resilience specialists.

Deb Pak has written a ripper with fabulous rhyming and a quirky story all about something so gorgeously gross!  I absolutely loved "There's Bug Guts on My Shoe."

Sarah Gilleatt - Early Childhood Educator

'There's Bug Guts on My Shoe' written by Deb Pak was amazing to read! As an educator working in the childcare industry, this book will be a great hit with children aged from three years to primary school age. This book was very easy to understand and provided a mental picture without having to look at the illustrations. I especially like the character Myra. She provides such a funny part of the story and gave me a good giggle. I loved the rhyming and I know from experience that kids do too! The illustrations were bright, colourful and funny.  Brilliant! I know that this book will help children everywhere to fall in love with reading and I know that parents will love reading this to their children too.


Ben, aged 13

I thought the story was really funny.  There was a lot of tension which made the story exciting. 


Kieran, aged 10

I thought 'There's Bug Guts on My Shoe' was a good story because its rhymes like a poem.  And I liked the way bugs were getting squashed by kids.  It was pretty funny.  I could really imagine the 10 foot tall bug in my head!


Grace, 4

I really like the story because its rhymes like a poem.  I love rhyming!  I liked Myra the best.    


Boston aged 7 and Hadley age 3

We love the book and thought it was great for a kids bedtime story. We most like the bug on the teachers back and the bug guts on Ms Morgan’s shoe.


Keva, aged 7

I like the book. It's really funny. Myra's hair is funny and the pictures are really cool.


Estée, aged 3

Bug guts are yucky but the book is funny and good. 


Beau,  aged 6

I liked the book because the boy in the sand pit reminded when I had a lady bug on my hand. I didn’t squash it though..  There were some cool bugs in the pictures.


Tracey, 45, mum

I think rhyming is a really good way to get kids interested in listening to the story and then later on reading it for themselves. I love the colourful graphics and animated faces. I think it's a really creative way to get kids to use their imagination. I'm sure this book will  become a family favourite. 


Nadia, 40, mum

It really appealed to my children's sense of humour. The story has a nice rhyme and rhythm to it so it flows easily when you are reading it. It's one of those few books that you are happy to read to your kids over and over again! 


Ann, grandmother

This book really appealed to my grandchildren from the ages of 3-10 years. We enjoyed lots of laughs imagining bug guts on them!    An easy story to read and for them to remember. 


Kym Donaldson, School Literacy Coach

'There's Bug Guts on My Shoe' by Deb Pak ticks lots of boxes as a playful and energetic story for both children and adults. The circular story begins with an intriguing title which is bound to pique the interest of young readers. The author's effective use of rhythm and rhyme is engaging too. Advanced vocabulary and strong verbs result in rich and challenging language throughout. In addition, the illustrations add detail and humour to match the tone of the story. This is a story with great appeal, destined to be read over and over.


Carli Morthorpe - Residential Support Worker

It's funny, it rhymes and the story is great.  All things that grab a child's attention and allow them to use their imagination!


Jacqueline Rich, Speech-Language Pathologist

'There’s Bug Guts on My Shoe' is an original and captivating story book for children. The complex vocabulary used allows for children to extend their word use and language development. The interesting images prompt discussion beyond the written words, so that parents and educators can ask concrete and abstract questions about the book to broaden children’s knowledge. Deb uses rhyme and narrative to develop phonological awareness skills required for literacy acquisition. The imaginative and unique story line is present with the times and appeals to the modern child. The elements of the story come together to ensure everyone is entertained from start to finish.

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