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on my Shoe!



There's bug guts on my shoe

I cannot tell you why

It could have been a spider

Or a trampled fly.


Last week in the playground

Playing in the sand

I think I had some bug guts

Stuck right on my hand!


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Deb Pak plays real life cops and robbers. When she's not fighting crime - she's a writer.  After five years of writing Deb is publishing her first children's book 'There's Bug Guts on my Shoe'. Deb has conducted endless hours of 'research' by reading to her kids and gathering inspiration from their imaginative minds. She has stockpiled many gems of brilliance from her daughter Grace, who is the creator and 'co-author' of "bug guts" after she stood on a bug one day. This was the day that 'bug guts' was born! 

Deb believes that the fun from childhood should spill over into the pages of children's books.  She likes to take every-day, ordinary things and trip them over  the line between fact and fiction. Deb's goal is to mirror a child's perspective of the world so they can connect to her stories. Her vision? To encourage a child's mind to think and create. To spark imagination and curiosity. To create learning through playful reading.  She wants to teach kids how to play with words, make art with words, have fun with words.  But most of all, she wants kids to LOVE words!

In a previous life Deb worked as a flight attendant, personal trainer and has backpacked around the world. She's seen the pyramids, trekked inside a volcano and eaten snails.  She currently works in police intelligence. Deb has lived in NZ, London, the wild west and everywhere in between! She and her husband share their home in Mount Isa with their two young children and a shadow in the shape of a dog named Tui.

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